We have the most complete CLOUD ACCOUNTING, to ensure that companies minimize their financial errors

Smart Accounting for all types of companies

Remote work

You will be able to work from anywhere, with access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


Control your finances from your cell phone, tablet or computer in real time

Zero errors

By automating processes you will avoid human errors and repetitive actions

Imports documentation

Your assigned advisor will import your data securely into the cloud

Cloud information

You will avoid document waste and paper waste forever

Continuing review

Your advisor who will review all your accounting-administrative operations.

Have you just launched your business and need to reduce costs?
Do you want to outsource your accounting department but don’t know where to start?
Do you work with Excel and waste a lot of time repeating tasks?
You don’t receive accounting reports periodically?
Every time you want to check your accounts you have to go through each bank separately?
You have accounting software but it is too old
You lose documents and you don’t have cybersecurity?
You are thinking of migrating your accounting but you are too lazy to do so?

You need a plan to help you solve this problem

For what type of company?

For all SMEs, micro-SMEs, entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers…

How does it work?
???? Specialized tutor, who will accompany you throughout the whole process.
???? We digitize your accounting in a simple way: invoices and expense receipts, expense records, etc.
???? You will automate processes and notifications, you will have real time control of your business.
???? You will work online with your advisor and your colleagues in real time 24/7
???? Customer and supplier reports, budgets, collections and payments, etc.

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how do we work at OLA?

Strengthens your workflow

Whether or not you have accounting software, let your accounting work for you.

Outsourcing Accounting

We digitalize your company's payroll and support you in the management process of defining objectives, planning and control. We coordinate your accounting, financial, budgetary and income operations.

ERP Cloud Based Solutions

Send invoices to your customers and control their status at all times. You will be able to control payments to customers and providers in real time and with no margin for error.

Financial Advice

Manage your projects in the most productive way, in all languages and for all markets. We guarantee financing plans and present your numbers to potential investors.

You’re in good company
Many businesses have already started to work in the cloud, expand their knowledge, grow their profits and change the current situation of their companies.

A step-by-step method to automate administrative processes

Imagine managing your accounts and finances from your cell phone?

Keeping up to date with payments from your suppliers and customers?

A personalized advisor just for you?

All your accounting documentation in real time and secure in the cloud?

It’s not magic.

It’s a step-by-step system

It’s Cloud Accounting technology used correctly

I want it

In less than two years more than 300 companies already work with OLA

The cloud tool that has it all

At Mestreswage we have always developed our projects in collaborative environments with cloud-based solutions. The choice of the Ola Accounting solution was the natural step for the management of accounting and management information. Today, we have real-time information of what is happening in the organization, dedicating less time of our resources to it, allowing us to focus on the execution of our client’s projects.

- María Mestres – Architect Mestreswage

The OLA Accounting team, especially Antonio Orellana, have done a fantastic job, supporting wesmartPark in all the processes in which the company has participated: financing rounds, expansion, operations,… they are a truly recommendable partner.

- Jaume Mayor Founder & CEO of wesmartPark

I have been working with the team for many years and I hope to continue working with them for many more. Above all, Antonio has always given me close treatment and they have been ready when I have needed it, giving me peace of mind, confidence in the most difficult cases, and helping to overcome, with professionalism, the barriers that we businessmen find ourselves with. I thank them enormously for their kindness, good humor, and the security they give me when facing my responsibilities.

- Narcís Avellana CEO Sensing Control

I spend a lot of my time traveling, so the service it provides allows me to stay on top of my accounts wherever I am. It is based on intuitive and easy-to-manage online applications. In addition, the continuous support of the team in case of any doubt or problem gives us great confidence. Antonio has been our advisor and controller in several startups. He is rigorous, proactive and committed. Having him on board means financial peace of mind for entrepreneurs and investors.

- Pau Virgili CEO & Founder of Yabelo Ventures S.L.

OLA Accounting has been the ideal traveling partner for the creation and development of our subsidiary in Spain, always by our side with solutions adapted to our needs at the time and with good ideas to solve all kinds of situations with flexibility and speed.

- Elena Diaz Viskase Sales Manager Spain and Portugal

We have been working with them for some time now and they have been the best traveling companion for Oryon Universal. Not only do they facilitate our accounting management and advise us according to our needs, but they also support the companies we incubate, advising them and providing them with an online management platform. It’s a 360ª degree service and we couldn’t be happier and more satisfied. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

- Victor Giné CEO Oryon Universal

We have worked with since 2019. They were a great help while setting up our Spanish entity and now providing monthly support for payroll and all accounting/tax matters. At all times they have been helpful and consistent, have demonstrated and expert and have detailed knowledge of their profession.

- Roma Clarke Senior Manager Accounting Precision for Medicine

We have been working with them since the beginning and this has allowed us, compared to previous years, to have absolute peace of mind in all areas of the services they offer us. With their weekly follow-up and recommendations, we have been advised at all times and our doubts have always been solved in the best way.

- Alex Vourvoulias General Manager About Events

At IGNITE Serious Play we appreciate the speed of OLA Accounting in their response to the new business context, as well as their predisposition to understand the Education business. The change with them has allowed us to professionalize several areas of the company, the online accounting with EXACT, as well as the management of the labor area.

- Ignacio Aso Managing Director IGNITE Serious Play
About Events

His CEO Alex tells us how he has doubled his turnover.

"We wanted to focus on business development, and we didn't approach OLA, which covered us in all areas."
Bayeltecnics Design

CEO Sebastián Bayona explains how the transformation of his business has taken place

Bayeltecnics, is an interior design studio in Barcelona that lives each project, no matter the size, as something of its own. We help businesses like this to develop and grow.

Technological Partners

Depending on the service that best fits your objectives, we decide how and when to implement it.


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We explain you step by step everything involved.