We are Ola Accounting

Every successful business has one thing in common: it knows its customers, understands and listens to them.

About us

The world has changed. The way we manage accounting has changed. The administrative systems have changed, there are new technologies and they are here to stay.

And they are here to stay.

Now you can have faster access to all the accounting information of your company, share it with your team and also in real time. You reduce effort in administrative processes that allow you to make more agile decisions.

These are the pillars on which Ola Accounting is based.

We were born with the objective of democratizing that technology that was previously used only by large companies and the new digital transformation, in the entire accounting field, has simply accelerated the scenario that was being imposed.

Ola Accounting is ready to help our clients in this profound transformation that we all in one way or another share.

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Angélica Cantero
Marketing & P.R

There are many factors that influence the success of a project: global vision, listening skills, methodology, and planning.

Vishal Ramesh
Product Manager

Enthusiastic and dynamic, with the ability to work under tight deadlines and in a changing environment.

Jorge García
Senior Consultant

Passionate about the self-employed and SMEs. Responsible and diligent. Every day I strive in my work to give the best of myself.

Nerea Cerveró Fernández
Senior Consultant

Organized and responsible, at the same time cheerful and empathetic. I adapt easily to different work situations.

Giorgia Ballón Fernández.
Senior Consultant

Entrepreneur, I am a person full of energy and enthusiasm, commitment and experience.

Jordi Heredia
Founder Partner

Years of experience at the disposal of our clients to give and create value. Good humor is essential, business is about having a good time.

Antonio de Orellana-Pizarro
Founder Partner

In my work, I combine my passions: business and people. My other passions are my family, tennis, digital marketing and ThePowerMBA