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An Advisor your most valuable asset

When we focus on working on what we are experts in and let “outside experts” help us cover other important areas in our companies, the magic begins… we start to potentially scale.

✴️ Expertise. Without sweat, they will know more than you. It will help you take care of your business, focusing on tangible results which allow you to optimize your budgets and therefore, your time, which in business is of vital importance.

✴️ Being objective. An advisor has the responsibility to guide you and explain your areas of opportunity, which is also invaluable in the business world, to have someone external diagnose you and take care to make you see what you need to improve from an objective point of view.

✴️ Opportunity cost. Some companies for wanting to save money try to train their staff or even the owners themselves to take responsibility for their marketing, accounting, and/or recruiting staff, but have you ever thought about all the time you invest in it and take away from your business? Is it good for you?


✴️ Get out of the “comfort zone”. All of us in business are comfortable with routine. But in the era of change and accelerated evolution that we are in now, you’re slowly falling out of the market. An expert will push you to make changes, orient your processes to new ways, and in conclusion to stop doing the same thing expecting new results.

✴️ Solve the problem. They will evaluate your problem and focus on finding you a cogent solution – they are experts! No more fumbling around until you find the solution, they will hit the nail on the headlong before you do. If you’re currently in a similar situation you can request information here

✴️ Growth. An outside eye can more easily spot potential areas of growth in your business, whether it’s new products and/or services, or ways to optimize processes to grow further.

✴️ Identifying unnoticed problemss. Just as you can detect opportunity, they will also detect problems or bottlenecks you may not have noticed especially in these pandemic times. And optimizing everything in your company to grow more is a must. If you are serious about growing


✴️ Focus on growing. The bluntest of them all. Stop trying to do everything on your own to save money, if you are serious about your business you must bet on having the best and most expert allies with you so you can focus on doing your thing.

Below is a list of the possible problems that you may encounter:

1- Lack of space: if you miscalculate the space of your company, it may be too small, limiting the performance of the team


2- Lack of money: you need to weigh several aspects in order to ensure that there will be money for the expansion and its inevitable financial consequences


3- Lack of supply: ensure that the supply of inputs will accompany the growth

3- Lack of supply: ensure that the supply of inputs will accompany the growth

4- Lack of preparation: going a step further than recommended risks overburdening employees, especially those acting in supervisory positions

5- Drop-in quality: another risk is to see the quality of your products or services decline due to lack of planning


6- Unfamiliar markets: acting in new markets, dealing with a different – and unfamiliar – profile of consumers

7- Different legislation and taxes: when investing in the company, the tax category may change


It is always advisable to resort to specialized professionals, such as business consulting or accounting firms.

The support of specialists will help you to achieve success.