UHY Fay & Co

OLA Accounting is part of UHY Fay & Co as a reference partner in the Cloud Accounting area. UHY Fay & Co , is a sole member of UHY , a global network that provides auditing, tax, legal and business advice and consulting services.

UHY has more than 25 years of experience in which it has established itself among the top 20 professional services firms nationally and internationally.

Our alliance allows us to complement our services through the contribution of new areas of action in the legal field and the other professional services mentioned above. This alliance allows us to offer a 360º service through the contribution of new areas of action and share experiences and know-how with more than 7,000 professionals and have more than 200 offices in the main business centers of the world.

The global nature of UHY allows us to meet your needs anywhere in the world with full quality assurance and optimal response capacity. For more information about UHY Fay & Co click here